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"...or finally, a place, also for the rest of us."

The classical problem of banks

"The house is crazy, says a weary traveller to himself, and will not stand very long; but it is a chance if it falls to-night, and I will venture, therefore, to sleep in it to-night."

Today I shall endeavor to write a little bit about banking and interesting peculiarities of it which I came to overstand recently.

It is disappointing to see so much bickering on the television and misleading posts in bizarre websites which blandly twist presumed facts and inform us nothing about the fundamentals. So, this is an attempt based on classical sound economic principles, which are easy to understand and difficult to apply, since they are not meant to be always universally applicable and tackle all real-world scenarios. Rather, they are meant only to guide you with their invisible hand while you wander alone in the darkness.

We use money all day, but we rarely question the bluff history of paper Read the full post about The classical problem of banks[Read more]


"Dream of a warm and safe place."




During the past 2 years I've been thinking about Death perhaps more than the "usual". Not my own one. I've already grown out of the teenage temptations, plus I've developed a solid system of reasoning and values. Death is merciless. Death is not fair. Death is an opponent worthy of respect but also an enemy you have to fight with everything you've got.

The Internet is a strange place. Perhaps it always has been. Perhaps even more during the 90s. I've had a chance only to catch a glimpse of that 'era', as now its atmosphere is buried under a chaotic mix of (anti)social media. I've met Adrian by a "well calculated" accident. He was humble, likable, reserved, intelligent and - ... Read the full post about Adrian[Read more]

The Game of Life

Let's dive into some theory with Math again. Why? Because it is universally applicable! (If you are able to see beyond)

I remember studying Game theory at university years ago. Of course, it had to do little with models and applications and much to do with 50% of the class scared of getting a bad grade and screwing their stipend, 10% of the people being into some hardcore theoretical mathematics and the rest of us (~40%), just ditching the class in order to actually do some real world projects.

I remember reading up the textbook (cover-to-cover, this is the only way I can read anything) and the only thing which particularly interested me were the Markov chains (though, Hidden Markov Models were not ... Read the full post about The Game of Life[Read more]

BBB: Bears, Bulls & Bubbles

"Let chaos reign, then rein chaos. Does that mean that you shouldn't plan? Not at all."

Hey, there. It was long time since we've heard of each other. I know, I have this tendency of sudden shock-appearances and slips.

During the last 2 years I'm dealing with more economics than I've ever expected. 2 weeks ago I turned down an offer to travel to East Asia in order to lay down the architecture of a coin trading platform. I'm sorry I've been already fooled to do that in 2011, I've got my share of "coin platforms" already (I am referring to that Bulgarian platform which was one of the 7 in the world trade platforms until it was supposedly artificially "hacked" so the owner can loot (lol?) all the coins inside it and disappear while wondering where to cash that).

Anyways, this post ... Read the full post about BBB: Bears, Bulls & Bubbles[Read more]

The Work

It’s not about talking about the work.

It’s about planning to do the work.

It’s not doing meetings about the work.

It’s not about posting in Facebook about doing the work.

It’s not about your colleagues who do the work.

It’s not about consulting with someone about doing the work.

It's not about waiting to get inspired to do the work.

It’s not about the difficulty of the work.

It’s not about motivating yourself to do the work.

It’s not about discussing about doing the work.

It’s not about doing research about the work.

It’s not about whether it’s going to work or not.

It’s not about what others will think about you after you do the work.

It’s not about the results which you are going ... Read the full post about The Work[Read more]


"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light" - George Washington

During the last days of his office the first colored president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, did something quite unusual.

It had nothing to do with Syria, Putin or the election results. Of course, it was not all over the world mainstream media. In Europe, let us be honest, how many of us did shed a tear of compassion for Bradley Manning in 2010? Or were we bombarded by the nonsense of Trump and some presidential orders have slipped in quietly.

The long story short, for those who were not following:
Formerly, Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning) was an US Army Intelligence Analyst working in Iraq with access to, let us say, a plenty of classified databases of government ... Read the full post about Freedom[Read more]


My beloved hated sea-shored hometown.


I wasn't going to make this post if it wasn't for yet another "strange case of suicide" which has happened just 2 minutes away from where I used to once live. Despite what your teacher in high school has told you, the winters in the sea - or at least in Varna - are not "warm" or "soft".

They are edgy.

The frosty wind cuts to the bone, the sky is steel gray, there is no snow - but there are no people at sight either.

The sea garden is empty.

However the black jeeps are always there.

Occasionally, you might see some Russian women eating at overpriced restaurants in the company of fat ... Read the full post about Varna[Read more]


"Remember that I said we would meet again..."

Yep. Here we go again.

First of all, it was a tremendous effort for me to glean and put this all together. After more than 3 years spent on the opposite side of the real world it's time to come back and finish the strands of some things in Bulgaria.

Believe me, working on so many projects at once, juggling a company and studies/research is totally killing when you add on top several "hobby" projects which consume more time even than some of your paid projects. The two-pronged approach to things is simply dull for me, I'd rather better an N*M-pronged approach. Before I realize, I was at a point with 25 projects and 10 teams on my shoulders with the the last deadline being 1.5 years ... Read the full post about Vis-a-vis[Read more]

Machine Learning

"...The gardeners, receptionists, and cooks are secure in their jobs for decades to come (Moravec's paradox)"

Hey there. Today we are going to talk a little bit about Machine Learning and Data Discovery in Databases. Why? Well, why not.

Those are some interesting topics which have started to gain more and more attention during the past years, despite the theoretical aspects being available (but not applied until recently) since the 1980-1990s. Please keep in mind that this post is written in a very very very basic and "easy-to-understand" way without any inclinations for academic purity. Things are actually way more complex and technical and you can never learn something in 5 minutes, if someone has spent year or two on it.

So, what the fuck is this thing called "Machine Learning" and why suddenly it got so "popular"?

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The Interval

"The Interval" is perhaps my first and last series of (WoW) movies that I am about to create since I consider giving up on the large "Steel" project with all that 2 TB material. I've got the concept for "The Interval" since 2012 but back then it was just a single and short video but in time ideas kept flowing and it just kept growing in my mind. What has been really interesting is that naturally rarely "the beat speaks to me" but with videos sometimes a particular song or sound I hear develops into an entire scene or script. Actually I've got perhaps about 30 or 40 scripts written and most of them are a stroke of momental inspiration.

Currently I finally believe I am at ... Read the full post about The Interval[Read more]

It's been a while...

"We would meet again but in a different place and under different form..."

Yep. Here we go.

First of all, I need to state that I am/was really against blogs or "blogging". I find it corny (since everyone is doing it nowadays). And I would remember back then when it was actually cool to have one.

I've created a blog for keeping things up to date (sometimes I do stuff which I'd rather log somewhere in order to prevent the information from being lost). Call it "my version of Google News" with a scientific twist.

Even though I am barely even programming nowadays, I couldn't resist writing my own one (in Python, which is awesome) instead of using a "regular" Wordpress. My personal take on it is: "Anyone who is able to code, no matter as a frontend or backend ... Read the full post about It's been a while...[Read more]